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Current Listings

11740 Steelhead Falls Drive, Terrebonne, OR
1308 7th Av SW, Albany, OR
1796 Moraga ST SE, Albany, OR
27634 Llewellyn Rd, Corvallis, OR
2841 Raleigh (2843, 2845) Ct, Albany, OR
2886 Stoltz Hill (next to) Rd Lebanon, Albany, OR
2895 Raleigh Ct SE, Albany, OR
30209 Fairview Road, Lebanon, OR
30756 Alder Street, Sodaville, OR
3143 Mllersburg Dr (parcel 2), Albany, OR
347 E Milton St (Adjacent to), Lebanon, OR
3495 Marion Street SE, Albany, OR
4025 East Commercial Way SE, Albany, OR
4142 Powers Av NW, Albany, OR
720 Alder Ave, Gervais, OR
720 Alder Ave, Gervais, OR

Sold Listings

- Old Hwy 34/ McFarland, Tangent, OR
1132 Ferry St SW, Albany, OR
1230 Elm St SW, Albany, OR
1260 Price Rd, Albany, OR
1420 Madrona Ave SE, Salem, OR
144 6th Av (-146), Seaside, OR
1755 Spicer Wayside SE, Albany, OR
1900 Del Rio Ave, Albany, OR
2005 Front Ave, Albany, OR
2011 SE 17th Ave, Albany, OR
2014 Grace Av NW, Albany, OR
2125 NW 29th St, Corvallis, OR
2149 Mayfly Street, Lebanon, OR
2172 Oak Ridge St NW, Albany, OR
2172 Valley View, Albany, OR
2238 Ermine St SE, Albany, OR
2430 Pine Ln SE, Albany, OR
2600 Vista Place #4300 (Block Of) NW, Albany, OR
2632 NW Raymond Court, Albany, OR
2675 Collingwood St Se, Albany, OR
2685 Lyon St SE, Albany, OR
320 6th, Albany, OR
3221 Hathaway SE, Corvallis, OR
325 1st Ave West, Albany, OR
3837 Somerset Ave NE, Albany, OR
3838 Willamette Ave SE, Albany, OR
3838 Willamette Ave SE, Albany, OR
38631 Hungry Hill Road, Albany, OR
41214 Highway 228, Sweet Home, OR
420 2nd St S, Lebanon, OR
4450 Evergreen St SE, Albany, OR
4714 Wiletta Street SW, Albany, OR
5130 Springhill Dr NW, Albany, OR
5577 Windflower Drive SW, Corvallis, OR
730 Alder Ave, Gervais, OR
855 Northpointe Lp, Brownsville, OR
Crocker & Valley View (corner), Albany, OR

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